Hershel Abram

Hershel Abram creates memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Whether your event requires the subtle hands of sophistication or demands a high-energy performance, he will give you an unforgettable celebration thats priceless.

Hershel Abram started as a pianist and dummer at the age of 5 and developed into a seasoned professional touring throughout the United States and abroad. Hershel has enjoyed the success of being on the CW Network, NBC/Universal Television Shows, various movies such as Dream Girls and Freedom Writers, and countless top 40 radio stations.

GIVING BACK: Hershel Abram gives 10% of all his proceeds to the American Cancer Society and other great non profit organizations who believe in helping those less fortunate. Thank you for supporting Hershel Abram year after year!

Percussionist Gigs104 each year

Singing/MC Gigs25 each year

Songwriting Gigs10 each year

Producing Gigs5 each year

Radio Personality Gigs52 each year

Booking Inquiries

c. 949.525.6969 | 877-YS-WE-CAN

Hershel Abram performs for private and corporate American, Persian, Indian, Egyptian, Arabic and Latin events. Please book in advance to ensure availability for your event and call for pricing. God Bless.


Wake up to some of Hershel Abram's original music on Ch. 7 San Diego News program.